It tastes so good it can’t be good. Right?

Well wrong – depending on how you look at it. Believe it or not, there are some benefits to eating cake – and not just because it tastes so delicious!

Cake makes you popular

We’re not saying you have to share your prized slice of Denela Desserts cake, but you do have to share the delightful moment of delving into it. Because it’s been scientifically proven that eating cake while someone else is also eating cake can build friendship bonds and symbolise togetherness.

Cake stops you being sad

A few years ago, scientists in Belgium gave some people a saline drip and some people a fatty one, then tested their reactions to negative images – those receiving the fatty drip were much less affected by them. So there you go, fatty things – ie: cake – really is a comforting food. (Obvious disclaimer: Too much comfort food leads to obesity).

Cake can help you slim

Ish… You do have to eat it in the morning though, not your usual afternoon tea slot. Because a study a few years ago showed eating a dessert as part of a balanced 600-calorie breakfast helped dieters lose weight, with a lower chance of piling the pounds back on than those who were not having a sneaky breakfast pudding. It’s all about metabolism early in the day being more active than later.

Cake can help beat depression

John Whaite, the hugely popular winner of the GBBO Series 3, spoke out last year about how baking has helped him battle depression. He’s not alone; experts agree that baking helps give people struggling with mental illness a focus, a structure, and a basic sense of achievement.