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Birthday Cake

Simple and elegant with a touch of yum!

Jello Shot Cake

This ornate, cake is not only a centerpiece, but it is so delicious you will be going for seconds. This special cake is for that special someone. High quality Vodka is added to the Jello Shots surrounding the cake, along with cupcakes, cookies, white chocolate dipped fresh strawberries. It doesn’t end ! It has a light and fluffy Madagascar vanilla cake filled with Swiss Meringue Strawberry Buttercream with a touch of vodka and fresh strawberries.Decorated so beautifully, it is truly a conversation piece! Lastly, this spectacular cake has a bottle of berry flavored vodka sitting on top of the cake! NOTE:This cake can be made with your favorite flavor of Vodka! Absolutely MAGNIFICENT!!!

Black Forest cake

Super delicious and stunning to look at!